Minimum configuration
- AMD/Intel CPU
- AMD/nVidia/Intel 3D videocard (Shader-Model 3.0 compatible)
- Display resolution greater or equal to 1366*854
- OS `Windows-XP x86 SP2`
- HDD free space 700 Mb
- USB port


  Release #57, full distributive (size 416.905.662 bytes)


  Fixture Library now contains two new additional libraries: "User" for user created and customized fixtures and "Database" for archiving and transfer purposes (this is in addition to the "System" fixture library which is automatically updated on a consistent basis).

  DMX auto patch with Pitch adjustment (amount of channel spaces between fixtures, if needed). Patch window has all patched Objects now (Fixtures, Filters, Scrollers, Objects, Layers etc).

  "Build" button for Faster and easier show database transfer possibilities with all files (Fixtures, 3D models and static & video Textures) unique to one folder.

-number of DMX channels per fixture has increased from 96 to a whopping 256 channels
-number of MA-Net universes has increased from 32 to 96
-number of Rows in DMX Table of each channel in Fixture has increased from 32 to 256
-number of Gobos per Fixture has increased from 32 to 512
-added Separate Rotate channel for Animation wheel
-added mode change of multiple channels with one DMX command (RGB-CMY etc.)
-added static Shift for Objective's pixels
-movinghead Tilt Range increased from 60-360 to 30-720 degrees
-objective view Frame Shutters Rotation / conventional fixture Gobo and Scroller Rotation.
-Gels library of "GAM" and "TBS PolyColor" filters

-Amount of objects possible to use within the Room Editor has increased to 1536 objects
-Object RGBW DMX control added (D4)
-Simultaneous Transformation of multiple selected Layers
-Own Transformation Center for each Layer's Pos (1..4)
-Export of DMX patch to Microsoft Excel
-Show of Patched Objects and Layers in DMX patch window
-"Sign" button for DMX control of the Layer's Pos to shift zero point to DMX@128.
-Added possibility to every pixel's separate DMX control of Pos1 transformation: pixels array mapped directly after Layer's Pos1 channel which acts as a Master.
-Pixelmap automatically change DMX universe in an order (was previously rolled inside one universe).

-Vertical scroll of Fixture's GUI
-Number of Virtual Keys has increased from 104 to 250 (MIDI mapping)

-bug of 64 universes limit for Furniture and Layers patch
-bug of Layers control through sACN protocol
-Layers without room objects survives Database loading

LIGHTCONVERSE OEM DEMO versions (core 53.029)
(size 215.863.732 bytes)

Demonstration mode with unlocked sACN ethernet protocol.
(size 230.960.350 bytes)

Demonstration mode with unlocked Art-Net ethernet protocol.
(size 246.751.653 bytes)

Demonstration mode with unlocked Art-Net protocol and connection for "ACDI" driver from Avolites.
HOG4 LIGHTCONVERSE_OEM_WHOLEHOG4.exe (size 384.871.139 bytes)
Demonstration mode with unlocked connection for
"HOG-4 connectivity" driver from High End Systems.

hog4_lc_oem_mstr_bck.hog3.shw (size 165.518 bytes)
HOG4PC show file.

HOG 4 Tutorial 26 - Connecting to a Visualiser
Hippotizer LIGHTCONVERSE_OEM_HIPPOTIZER.exe (size 259.294.263 bytes)
Demonstration mode with unlocked "Hippotizer" ethernet connection protocol.
Pangolin LIGHTCONVERSE_OEM_PANGOLIN.exe (size 292.500.569 bytes)
Demonstration mode with unlocked "Pangolin" ethernet protocol.
(size 246.128.148 bytes)

Demonstration mode with unlocked "Lasergraph_DSP" ethernet protocol.
Important information regarding Demo operation:

- With the Demo OEM versions you can directly connect without a license dongle (and use Hog3/4PC or an ArtNet based console for control, for example). The demo versions are operationally functional* (with each specific manufacturer) and are unlocked for one hour blocks.

- You can Delete/Modify/Add fixtures and stage elements within the demo show, however, after 60 minutes the program will close and all changes will be discarded. Simply restart the program to begin again.

- Fixture patch information is provided with each demo in order for you to match the patch in your console or PC based controller (see fixture.txt for patch, located in the Database_ folder within the main folder where the demo was installed. For example, C:\LIGHTCONVERSE_OEM_WHOLEHOG\Database_OEM_Wholehog).

Note: For the Hog demo, a matching Hog4 show file is available also.

Note: Any controller which outputs ArtNet can use the Avolites or Jands demo as they utilize an ArtNet based patch.

*No save, print, import/export and video texture input/playback (except for video input via HippoNet in Hippotizer Demo).

LIGHTCONVERSE documentation
Intro Config Initial Operation Guide.pdf
Fixture Constructor Guide.pdf
Hog Direct Connection Guide.pdf
VW Export To LC Guide.pdf
LC Import From VW Guide.pdf
Object Lighting Texture Fundamentals Guide.pdf
  Tutorials and User Manual
  Additional languages
  Video-tutorials   66.7M   66.3M   40.7M   88.4M   38.4M   88.1M   38.7M   127M

ntb_dv_.avi (77Mb)   LIGHTCONVERSE presentation at LDI 2007 New Technology Breakfast
November 16, 2007, Orlando, FL USA

ntb_2009.avi (140Mb)   LIGHTCONVERSE release 30.8 presentation

Drivers and tools
(42.183.120 bytes)
  Shark007's FREE Codec solutions.
  Codecs and DirectShow filters are needed for playing video.
Recommended for using with Unlimited/Trace/Media software versions in OS Windows-7,8,8.1,10.   USB driver for current DMX interfaces.
Version 3.3, Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 32/64bit.   USB driver for DMX interfaces manufactured
from August 2010 to December 2012.
Version 3.3, Windows XP/Vista/7, 32/64bit. Vista/7 64bit notes